Working with the Feldenkrais Method is very close to my heart and I love to share my curiosity and fascination.
On the one hand, it combines my interest in anatomy, neurology and psychology. On the other hand, the Feldenkrais work facilitates an immediate, moving and personal way of being in contact with people, appreciating their individuality and discovering a refreshing, primal human curiosity for small and large connections as a basis for personal development.


My training

2012–2013  Study human medicine 1st year
2013–2016 Bachelor of Arts in Music Jazz Guitar at HSLU - Music
2017–2019 Master of Arts in Music Performance Jazz Guitar HSLU – Music
2023-2025 Advanced Postgraduate Diploma RMC Copenhagen

2012–2016  Feldenkrais Professional Training Programme with Educational Director Elizabeth Beringer
since 2017 
Feldenkrais Advanced Trainings with Olena Nitefor (USA), Elizabeth Beringer (USA), Jeff Haller (USA), Alan Questel (USA)
since 2019
member of Swiss Feldenkrais Association SFV
since 2019  Certified by EMR-Quality label
2019–2021  Graduation IOPS Academy (Ideal Organization and Profound Strength): Feldenkrais Weiterbildung mit Jeff Haller
since 2021 Regularly assisting as Experienced Practitionier in the Feldenkrais Trainings
Biel/Leubringen (CH), Zurich City (CH) and London (UK)